Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fancy Pink Stuff

Well I have finally got around to starting to make some new tags for my jewellery. I got to use the cute new hole-punchers that I got at Michael's a few weeks ago... but all I had to print them out on was pink cardstock... however, I still think they're pretty cute:

The above tags will be used for necklaces and bracelets. The tags below are for earrings - not quite as cute but I had to punch each and every little hole with a tiny pin so I figured the all the effort was worth a picture too (although the pic was pre-holes, just with marker dots for where I was about to pin through them):

Oooooh, and speaking of fancy pink stuff -
I have found my new favourite drink!

Delicious sparkling wine in an adorable little pink can with a fun little bendy pink straw AND named after one of my favourite movie directors... what's not to love?


Anonymous said...

very cute. i want one of the tags on my heart pendant necklace. please thank you.

Jessica said...

I think your tags are adorable- I especially love the hole punch in various designs- super cute!

I'm gonna have to find that little drink in a can- looks like lots of fun to drink!

ambika said...

I'm actually planning on purchasing a similar fun hole puncher for my Moo Cards (which act as business cards & tags for my stuff.) Love it!

KJ said...

Those tags are darling -- I love how you used the different shaped punches for the holes.

AND I'm not much of a sparkling wine drinker, BUT I want a drink that comes in a pink can! That is cute!